Auto Cleaning FAQs

How frequently should I have my vehicle detailed?

We recommend having your vehicle detailed every three months. Boxley’s offers a customizable maintenance program that starts with a thorough detail, followed by maintenance visits at regular intervals.

How long does a detail take?
The amount of time required varies from car to car. A quick wash will take around 20 minutes, but a complete detail with buffing can take upwards of a day.

Do you pickup and deliver vehicles?
Yes, we offer both pickup and delivery and onsite mobile detailing services-whichever is more convenient for you.

Do you service fleet vehicles?
Yes, we welcome fleet accounts both large and small.

Can you remove scratches?
Light scratches can generally be completely removed by leveling the clear coat with a buffer. Heavier scratches, depending on how deep can usually be made less visible. To further reduce the appearance of heavy scratches, we offer wet sanding as well.

Can you fix leather and upholstery rips?
Yes, Boxley’s uses Fabrion Professional Repair system and can fix most rips, tears, etc. Please give us 1 weeks notice for this service.

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